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RISE Ritual Rollerball Set

$146 $183

Embrace the day with our RISE Ritual to stimulate your skin and senses.

Your Rise Ritual set contains the four (4) products listed below, which includes one (1) Soothing Face Oil:

Step 1: WAKE UP! Sugar Coffee Body Rub, 3.5oz - exfoliate

Step 2: Soothing Face Oil, 1oz - cleanse

Step 3: Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol, 2oz - tone & hydrate

Step 4: Soothing Face Oil - moisturize

Step 5: Clarity Aromatherapy Rollerball, 10ml - boost mental clarity

This set contains one 1oz bottle of Soothing Face Oil and can be used in Step 2 and Step 4. Multi-function, baby

A $183 value

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