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WAKE UP! Sugar Coffee Body Rub


Energizing exfoliation, hydration, and moisturization with locally grown Hawaiian coffee and organic birthday suit nourishing oils. Rejuvenating peppermint and rosemary essential oils bring lively aromatherapy & skin reviving properties to this sweetly blended sugar coffee body rub. 

3.5oz / 100g  

For body: stir, get wet, rub gently all over yourself, rinse, jump for joy (but carefully as tub or shower may become slippery) 

TIP: great to use at the beach! Apply scrub all over your bod, jump in the water to rinse. Your skin will feel amazing!


  • Organic cane sugar : deliciously gentle exfoliator
  • Local North Shore, Oahu coffee : gentle exfoliator, full of anti-oxidants, increases circulation, said to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Organic coconut oil :  moisturizing, soothing, smoothing, rejuvenating, high in proteins
  • Organic sweet almond oil : moisturizing, eases inflammation, restores ph, wrinkle reducer
  • Hawaiian Sea Salt : exfoliates & cleanses pores, increases circulation, absorbs toxins from skin
  • Essential oils of peppermint & rosemary : cooling, stress relieving, stimulating mentally and emotionally, nourishes dull skin, increases blood circulation, tones skin
Use within 3 months of purchase. please keep water out of jar. store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight. discontinue use if irritation occurs or you notice a change in color or odor.

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